Importing listings from eBay to your website

If you have listings on your eBay store that you'd like to copy across/import to your website then you can do so by using our import tool.

Select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'eBay'.

At the top of the page you'll notice an 'import your products from ebay' section. Click the button 'begin your import' to start the process.

Whilst our system gathers the information from eBay we'll display a spinning wheel over the 'begin your import' button.

The app will then check how many listings are available to be imported from your eBay account.

If you have less than 1000 listings on eBay then the import will be completed automatically.

If you have more than 1000 listings on eBay, we'll display the number of pages that are available to be imported (100 listings per page). You'll then need to import your listings in page 'chunks'. This process is described at the bottom of this help guide article.

eBay categories

You'll notice a tick box above the import button labelled 'should we create categories in your account based on your eBay shop categories'.

If you tick this box then the system will automatically create categories in your account based on your eBay shop categories and your listings will be automatically assigned to those categories (in the same way they're assigned to them in your eBay account).

You may need to organise your category structure once they have been imported.

Uploading your listings

Once finished, a list of all your listings from eBay will be displayed.

You can click the 'view' link to open up the eBay listing on the eBay website.

You'll need to select, from the 'import' column which products you want to import (by ticking the 'import' tick box next to each item).

You can also select, from the drop down present for each product, which of your website categories the new products should be assigned to.

Once you've done so, click the import button at the bottom of the page.

Importing your listings when you have more than 1,000

Where you have more than 1,000 listings on eBay, you will be prompted to import your listings in pages.

The dialogue will ask you to select which pages you want to import, as shown in the example below.

You will need to enter the starting page (in the 'from page' field) and the ending page (in the 'to page' field).

You can import up to 10 pages at a time.

In the example above we are importing pages 3 to 12 (a total of 10 pages).

Please make a note of the pages that you have imported as the system will not record these for you.

When you import a set of pages you'll need to follow the 'uploading your listings' instructions (detailed above this section).