Managing and creating gift vouchers

Gift vouchers that have been bought on your website are managed by selecting 'marketing' from the left menu and then 'gift vouchers'. You can also use this page to create new vouchers if you want to.

Creating a new gift voucher

If you sell a gift voucher over the telephone or through another method, you can create a new voucher using this page.

1. You can manually enter the gift voucher code (but you'll need to make sure that it is unique) or tick the box to say that the code should be automatically generated.

2. Next enter the value of the gift voucher.

3. When you have finished click the 'create voucher code' button.

You're voucher code will then appear in the 'existing gift vouchers' section and be live on your website for use by a customer.

Existing gift vouchers

Every gift voucher created by you, or purchased directly through your website, will be shown in this section.

The table shows the gift voucher code, the original amount of the gift voucher and the amount that has been used already.

To edit a gift voucher click the voucher code and a form will appear beneath.

You can change the voucher code, edit the initial value of the voucher and the change amount already used on the voucher by entering the new values into the boxes.

When you have finished click the 'save changes' button and the voucher will be updated.