Exporting products

The export feature is used to download your website's current products into a spreadsheet. The export can then be used either to review product information, or to update the spreadsheet and import it back into the system - updating products with any changes made on the spreadsheet.

1. To export your products, select 'products' from the left hand menu and then 'import/export'. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the 'export your products' section

2. First you can decide whether you want to export all products, only products that are active (published) on the site, or only inactive products (those that aren't published).

3. Next decide whether you want to download products within an individual category or brand, or all products.

If you do want to download only those in a particular category/brand, then select that category/brand from the drop down list.

4. Once you've made your selections, click the 'create your export' button.

5. You'll then be presented with some tick box selections.

Here you'll be able to select what columns you want to appear in your export, for example you might only want the product names, in which case you don't need to export all the other columns, so you can just export the product names by only ticking the product names tick box. Once you've selected the columns you want then click the 'create your export' button

6. If the export is large (over 100 products) then your export may take some time to process so please be patient whilst it is prepared.

Please Note!

Whilst the export is processing it is important that you do not navigate away from the page, or the export will be cancelled.

7. Once the file has been prepared the display will change.

You can then click the 'download export' button in order to download the spreadsheet to your computer's hard drive.

8. When you open the file, it may take a while to open on your computer if the file is very large (over 1000 products).


If you are going to use the export to update the products on your store then please read the guidance on importing new products and updating products before doing any work on the spreadsheet (in case you make a change that is incorrect).