Exporting orders into a spreadsheet

You can export the orders you have received by clicking the 'export orders' button on the 'view orders' page in your account.

A new window will then be displayed

Date period

First you need to select the date period of the orders that you want to export. You can select the 'Date From' and 'Date To' dates, or alternatively you can click one of the buttons like 'Last Week' and it will automatically populate the date fields for you.

Include products ordered?

Next you need to decide whether you want to include the products that were ordered in the export spreadsheet. Including the products will mean that each separate product ordered will be shown on a new row in the export.

If you don't include the products then each order will be on its own row in the spreadsheet and it will only show the order totals.

Order status

Finally you can select to only export orders with a particular status (by selecting the status from the drop down menu).

Download your export

Next click 'prepare your export' and the system will generate the file.

Once the export is complete the button will change to a 'download your export' button.

Click this button and it will be downloaded to your computer's hard drive.