Editing the links in your menus (link lists)

To edit the individual links in a particular menu (known as a link list) follow the instructions below.

1. Select 'website' from the left menu and then 'link lists'.

2. You can identify the link list you want to edit by the name (we also show you a preview of the links in it)

Click the link list you want to edit.

If you aren't sure which link list you need to edit or don't think one has been created for the set of links you want to change, then please contact us.

3. A page will then load with the link list links for you to edit.

At the top of the page are the link list details

Link List ID
This is the unique ID of the link list and is for the our internal purposes.

Link List Position
This is the position of the link list on your website. You can change this text, but we recommend that you don't. Please note that changing this text will not change the actual position of the link list on your website. It's just for information purposes.

Link List Title
If the title of the link list is blank, please do not change it. Inserting a title could adversely affect the design of your website.

4. The next section is where you can edit the actual links in the list.

You'll see that each link is in a different row.

Link Name
This is the text of the link. The screenshot below is the website output of the link list example above. The arrow points to the names of the links.

Links To
Here you can select the type of link and page that it links to. Use the table below as a guide.


Home Page Links to the home page of your website
Ecommerce Page Links to one of the ecommerce pages on your website e.g. Shopping Basket, Customer Account Login, Customer Account Registration page
Category Your website's categories Any of the categories you have created
Product Your website's products Any of the products you have created
Page Your website's text pages Any text page you have created (e.g. About Us, Terms & Conditions)
Blog Post Your website's blog posts Any blog page (including the blog home), you have created
Contact Us Your contact us page
Custom Any URL you choose to enter


When you select an item from the 'links to' column a new box will appear on the right hand side (except if you select 'home page').

If you choose a custom link then you should enter the full URL if it is an external website (including http://).

Changing the order of links

You can change the order that the links appear in the list by clicking the icon on the left hand side and dragging the link row somewhere else.

You can delete a link in the list by clicking the delete icon next to the link.

When you have finished click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page. Once you click 'save' the link list changes will be immediately live on your website. Please make sure that you check your website to make sure the link list is now appearing how you want it to.