Alternatives to using our newsletter subscription system


Please note that changing where your newsletter subscriptions go, as described in the article below, will not affect where you can view the details of those customers who create an account or make a purchase on your website, these are still displayed on the 'newsletter subscribers' page in your account.

When a user completes the newsletter form on your website we will store the request to receive your newsletters in your account. However you can instead choose for these newsletter requests to automatically populate a subscriber list you hold with a third party like Mailchimp.

Here we discuss some of the alternatives to using our system and using third party systems. The advantage of a third party system like Mailchimp is that you can't send email marketing through your account with us, you have to use a third party service so you may find it more convenient if your newsletter list is managed with this third party service too.


Mailchimp is probably one of the better known email marketing services around. Using Mailchimp you can create your marketing emails direct in your account with them and they have a great range of templates to choose from and an easy to use editor. We would recommend that if you are using a third party service that you do use Mailchimp. You can maintain a subscriber list of up to 2,000 recipients for free, and send up to 12,000 emails a month.

If you don't already have a MailChimp account you can create one here.

You can integrate your newsletter form to populate your Mailchimp account quite easily by following the instructions in our article How can I integrate my site with Mailchimp?.

Alternative providers

There are a number of other email marketing providers that offer automatic population of newsletter subscriber lists, like Mailchimp do, and links to a few of these are below.

Unlike Mailchimp however you can't activate the integration easily through your theme's settings page, instead you'll need to directly edit your website's page files (or contact us and ask us to do it for you).

Mad Mimi ( open site)
Send in Blue ( open site)
GetResponse ( open site)

Please Note!

Unfortunately we will not be able to assist you in setting up an account with one of the third party providers listed above. If you are unsure of how to setup your account you'll need to contact the support team of your chosen provider.