Installing your payment gateway

If your unsure of what a payment gateway is, or don't have one yet, then you'll need to read our article An introduction to payment gateways.

We've pre-installed the most popular payment gateways on our platform already, so all you need to do is put in your unique account details, and the installation will work automatically.


If you're using a payment gateway that isn't already installed on our system - then you'll need to contact us and ask us to add it in for you (there maybe an additional charge for this service).

1. Select 'checkout' from the left hand menu and then 'payment gateway'.

2. Beneath the PayPal area is a box titled 'Payment Gateway'


3. Select your Payment Gateway from the drop down list


If your gateway doesn't appear in the list, please contact us about installation.

4. Once you've selected your gateway, a form will appear beneath which asks you for your details. You'll be able to get all of these details from your merchant account (you may need to contact them to ask them where to find them).


5. Enter your details into this form and click the 'save changes' button.

Your payment gateway will then be automatically activated on your account.


It is very important that you enter all of your details exactly as they have been provided by your merchant. Any details that are not correct will result in your installation not working correctly (or not at all).

6. For some payment gateways we provide additional instructions on how to setup the gateway. These are displayed beneath the form.

7. You must follow these instructions very carefully to ensure that your gateway is setup correctly.


Once you have setup your gateway you should perform a test transaction to ensure that everything is setup and working correctly.