Managing sales

Existing sales created on your site can be located by selecting 'marketing' from the left menu and then 'sales'.

1. If you scroll down the page you'll see the section that displays existing sales.

2. The table shows what type of sale it is, the discount offered, the start/end time and a link to edit the sale, deactivate it, or delete it.

3. A sale can be temporarily deactivated by clicking the 'active' tick-box. If the sale has a tick in the box then it is active, if not then it won't be active and won't be affecting any products.

4. You can click the delete icon to delete the sale. Once you have confirmed your choice the sale will be deleted and no longer apply to any products.

5. To edit a sale click the 'edit' link.

A form will then appear that allows you to edit the sale, working in the same way as the form to create a new sale.

Once you have made your changes click the 'save changes' button.