How to setup conversion tracking

A conversion is an event that occurs when a visitor to your website purchases a product from you, when the visitor has come from an advertising medium that you are using, e.g. if you are advertising on Google Adwords and somebody clicks on one of your adverts and ends up making a purchase from you, that is called a conversion.

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is the term we use for the ability to be able to track and analyse conversion on your store. Conversion tracking is done so that you can analyse what marketing methods (like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads) are working for you, and which aren't.

Conversion tracking enables you to distinguish between different keywords/adverts that you have so that you analyse to a very detailed level, what your best performing adverts are. Armed with this information you can then cut-out the bad advertising methods, increase the good advertising methods, increase the conversion rate on your website and become more successful.

How to install conversion code

Your advertising provider, whether its Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or whoever, should provide you with what is called 'conversion code'. This is a small piece of computer code that needs to be placed on the 'checkout success' page of your website (the page shown to a customer when they successfully place and pay for an order).

Once you've got your conversion code you can add it into your account, and our system will place it on the appropriate page.

1. Click 'settings' from the left menu and then 'visitor monitoring' and then 'visitor tracking'.

2. Find the conversion code box

3. Enter the conversion code provided by your advertising provider into this box. It's important that you copy it exactly as it is provided.

4. Click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

5. That's it! The platform will now automatically show this conversion code on the 'checkout success' page (although it will be invisible to your customers).

Ecommerce Tracking

Another useful tool on Google Analytics is something called 'Ecommerce Tracking'. Using this tool you can actually see orders in your Google Analytics account.

A quick introduction to this can be found on Google's website.

Installing Ecommerce Tracking on your account can be done easily by reading the instructions in our article Can I setup Google Ecommerce Tracking for Analytics?