The Facebook tracking pixel

If you are advertising on Facebook, you can use the Facebook tracking pixel system within your account to send data to Facebook about visitor behaviour.

The tracking pixel allows you to track:

i) Visitors
ii) Page views
iii) Product searches
iv) Checkout initiation (viewing the shopping basket)
v) When a customer adds a product to their basket
vi) Customer account creation
vii) Purchases

To setup the tracking pixel follow the instructions below.

1. Select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'visitor monitoring' and then 'visitor tracking'.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Facebook Tracking Pixel section.

3. You'll need to get the ID of your tracking pixel from your Facebook advertising account. To do so:

a. Go to your Facebook advertising account and select 'tools' from the top menu and then 'pixels'.
b. Select 'actions' from the top menu and then 'view pixel code'
c. In the box that appears, your tracking pixel ID is shown in the position highlighted in the screenshot below.

4. Go back to your account and enter this ID into the 'enter your tracking pixel ID' box.

5. Next you should select which events you want to track.

6. The 'view content' pixel can be activated to know whether a particular page on your website has been viewed. You can enter multiple pages here, separating each one with a comma.

Don't enter the full URL of the page, instead just enter the last bit (after your domain name), i.e. instead of just enter /videos

If you'd like to track visits to all your products pages with the ViewContent pixel then enter /product into this box. When you do this, we'll send data to Facebook about the product being viewed (product name, the category it belongs to, and the cost).

7. If you want to use the 'lead pixel' then you can do the same as for the view content pixel, entering each page separated with a comma.

8. You should now have something that looks like the below.

Don't forget to click the 'save changes' button when you are finished.

You might like to test each of the events below (having clicked on a Facebook advert you've created) to make sure it is working correctly.