Do you have a checklist for going live?

You'll find a quick checklist of things to run through before launching your site below. At the bottom of the list we've added in an extra section for those of you who are switching your site to us from another provider.

Check your delivery rates
Make sure that you have an applicable delivery rate setup to cover all checkout scenarios. For example, if you are selling a product for £150.00 but you only have delivery rates that cover basket values up to £125 then your customers won't be able to checkout.

Check your payment gateway, do a test transaction
Once you've installed your payment gateway, complete a test transaction to make sure that it is working. This will also help you make sure the content of your order confirmation email is correct.

Check your home page SEO
A lot of the necessary SEO tags for your website have already been added in by us when we created your account and you'll only need to change them if you want to, but you should customise your Home Page SEO.

Setup your visitor tracking
If you haven't already, we'd recommend installing Google Analytics onto your site to monitor your visitors. We'd also recommend setting up conversion tracking too.

Change your text snippets
Make sure that you change the default text snippets on your website's theme.

Add your home page banner images
If your theme has home page banner images then you'll need to make sure that you have uploaded yours.

Switching from another provider

Setup 301 redirects
You should setup what are known as 301 redirects from your old site pages to the new. These will automatically redirect a user who goes to an old site page to the new site page (and search engines too). Find out how here.