Temporary domain names

All ShopWired accounts come with a *.myshopwired.com domain name.

This is so that you can prepare your website for launch without making it accessible to the public (because nobody will know about your temporary domain unless you give it them).

Your myshopwired.com domain name was chosen when you created your store, and it was emailed to you too. If you've forgotten it, just click 'your account' from the left hand menu and then 'domains'.

When your website goes live on your own domain name, you'll probably want to stop it from showing on your myshopwired.com domain to prevent any duplicate content issues with search engines.

To do this, just click the 'remove your shopwired domain' button below the domain name (shown in the screenshot above).

Changing your myshopwired.com domain name

You cannot change your myshopwired.com domain name once your account has been created.