Verifying your sending emails

We use a third party service called Mandrill for the sending of all emails from websites on our platform. Mandrill mandate that any email address used to send an email through their system is verified.

By default, we'll send your website's emails from which is an email address that we have verified. So when an order is placed on your website, or other action made by a visitor/customer that generates an email from your website, the customer will receive the corresponding email from . If they click to reply to the email then we set the 'reply-to' field of the email to your own email address, so you'll still get the reply.

If you've entered a custom domain name for your website then you can verify this domain name through your account and start sending emails from email addresses @yourdomainname. For example, . If you've done this, then the emails won't come from - instead they'll come from your own email address.

Verifying your domain name

There are 3 steps to verifying your domain name.

Step 1 - Adding a DNS record on your domain name known as a DKIM record. This sounds more complicated than it actually is and is just adding another DNS record like you added a DNS record to point your website at our servers when making it live. Read more here

Step 2 - Adding another DNS record on your domain name known as an SPF record. Read more here

Step 3 - Generating a verification email to be sent to an email address @yourdomainname. The email will contain a URL/link which you then just have to put into your account. Read more here

We Can Help!

Changing DNS records on your domain name can be daunting. If you need any assistance at all please get in touch with us.