Setting up email accounts with Gmail

Gmail is Google's own email service and, for a small monthly fee, you can create email accounts easily.

The help guide below walks you through the steps you need to take whilst on the Google website in order to setup your email accounts.

Go to and click the 'get started' link.

Each Gmail account (which comes with a range of features, not just an email account) costs £3.30 per month or works out at £2.75 per month if you commit to 12 months. By following the steps below you'll have access to a 30 day free trial.

Creating your Google account

Enter your company name, select your number of employees and click the 'continue' button at the bottom of the page.

You will then be asked to enter your domain name. If you haven't registered a domain name yet you can either do so through Google (our help guide instructions do not include these steps) or you can register one through another provider like Namesco.

Once you have your domain name select 'use a domain I already own' and then enter your domain name.

In our example our domain name is

Then click continue.

Next you'll need to enter your name and then choose the email address that you want.

In our example we are requesting to have the email address

You'll also need to enter a password, another email address in case you lose your password, and your phone number. Finally you'll also need to complete their anti spam test.

Next agree to their terms & conditions (after reading them!) and click 'create your account'.

Setup your domain name

On the next page click the 'start setup' button.

First you'll need to verify your domain name. This involves copying a piece of code that Google provide, into your account with us. You may have already completed this step if you have verified your website with Google Webmaster Tools.

Click the 'verify domain' button.

If you need to verify your domain you'll then be taken through the steps shown below.

Click the 'get started' button.

Please note that in order for you to complete this step you must have added your domain name into your account with us and also changed the setting on your domain name to point to our server. This process is described here. If your site with us is showing at your live domain name, you will have already done so.

You need to highlight the code shown for the 'meta tag value' and then enter this in your account with us. Follow the instructions in this article (opens in a new window) for information on where to place the code (you should place it in the Google Webmaster Verification field).

Then tick the box to confirm you have added the meta tag and click the 'verify' button.

You'll then need to wait whilst Google verifies the domain name.

Please Note!

If the verification fails it can only be for one of two reasons. Firstly your domain name might not be pointing to our servers (or you may not have entered your domain name into your account) - you can check that it is working by visiting your domain name and making sure your website is showing. If it isn't showing then follow the instructions in this article. If your website is showing then the meta tag provided by Google hasn't been entered correctly onto your account so please retry entering it.

Once the domain name has been verified you'll be shown a confirmation message.

Click the 'continue setup' button.

Click the 'next' button.

This will then turn into a 'SETUP GMAIL' button which you should click.

Next click the 'setup email' button.

Google will then give you some instructions on changing some of the settings on your domain name which means that the email part of your domain name is pointing to Google's servers. Follow these instructions provided by Google - you may need to seek assistance from your domain name registrar (the company you registered the domain name with) in order to change the DNS settings on your domain name.

When you've completed the steps listed by Google you'll need to click the 'verify' button.

You'll then need to wait whilst Google checks through to make sure that the settings on your domain name have carried over.

When you first complete the verification Google may say that it has failed and ask you to try again (like in the example below).

We'd recommend that you come back to the page in about an hours time and try again as some domain name registrars can take a while for their systems to update with the changes that you put in.

Once the verification has finished successfully you'll see a message like the one below.

Click the 'continue setup' button.

Adding additional email accounts

To add additional email accounts click the 'users' icon.

Then click the + icon in the bottom right.

Here you can select to add multiple users or just one user.

Then you can enter the email accounts you want to add.

Accessing your email accounts

There are two ways that you can access your email accounts (to send and receive emails).

You can access them through webmail which is where you login to Google's system through your web browser (like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox).

To do so go to and login with the username/password that you created.

Alternatively you can access them from your computer, phone or other device. Please follow the instructions in the next section for more information.

Setting up the email account on your computer/phone

Another way to access your email account and send/receive emails is by using software like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, or software on your mobile phone or tablet.

To do this you'll need to enable 'POP3' on your email account and then setup the email account on your device.

To enable POP3 go to and login to your email account (you may be automatically logged in).

In the top right click the gear icon (indicated below) and then settings.

From the top menu click 'forwarding POP/IMAP'.

Next you'll need to enable POP.

Alternatively you could use IMAP instead (which is a different type of email system).

Then click the 'save changes' button at the bottom.

For an explanation of the difference between POP and IMAP go to

If you have chosen POP (as shown in our example above), then go to and follow the instructions for setting up the email account on your computer/device.

If you have chosen IMAP then go to and follow the instructions for setting up the email account on your computer/device.

Please Note!

This information guide is provided for guidance only. Unfortunately we will not be able to assist you in setting up the email account on your device. The email system is provided by Google so if you experience difficulties you should contact them directly and they will be able to help you.