How do I setup my delivery pricing?

The first thing to do when setting up your delivery pricing and rates is to think about what zones you delivery to.

So firstly, what countries in the world will you deliver to? Each country that you delivery to has to be added as a separate delivery zone. Read more about delivery destinations/zones here.

Then you should create these zones (follow the instructions in the article linked to above).

Next, you need to decide how you are going to charge for delivery.

You can either charge for delivery based on the total weight or total value (in £) of products in a customer's basket. (If you're charging based on weight you'll have to enter a weight for each product.)

Finally you need to create your delivery rates.

You can now go ahead and create your delivery rates.

Creating delivery rates is explained in our article Creating Delivery Rates.

We Can Help!

Setting up your delivery zones and rates can be confusing, particularly if you haven't done something similar in the past so please contact us if you need any assistance.