Menus are the method in which your customers navigate through your website's pages (like categories or text pages).

The above example has 2 separate menus indicated with red arrows.

There are actually two types of menus available; Automatic and Manual.

More about automatic menus

An automatic menu is one where our system automatically creates the menu items for you like the 'category' menu. The category menu is usually shown at the top of your website and is generated automatically from the categories that you have created on your website. You don't need to do anything to add/edit/remove menu items on this menu - it happens automatically when you create/edit/remove categories.

More about manual menus

A manual menu is one where you do have to do create the menu items for it. Most of the time these menus contain links to the other parts of your website such as where your customers login or register for an account, or links to content pages (like About Us or Terms & Conditions).

Manual menus are managed through a feature in your account called Link Lists.

Your website will, no doubt, have a few link lists in it. When we create your website we'll automatically populate the link lists with links, but you can edit them yourself if you want to using the link lists feature in your account.