How does the tutorial work?

When you first create your account you'll be directed to a tutorial. The tutorial is designed to introduce you to some of the basic concepts of your account.

As you move around the site you'll be able to return to the tutorial at any time by clicking 'tutorial' at the top of the left menu.

You can skip the tutorial if you want by clicking the 'skip this tutorial' button in the top right.

Tutorial steps

There are 6 steps in the tutorial. As you complete each step it will be marked as complete. When you've completed all steps the tutorial will be hidden from view and you'll use your account as normal.

Step 1 - Your Information
This step gets you to enter a few of your company's details together with your company logo.

Step 2 - Your First Category
This step guides you through adding your first category. You just have to enter the category name, an image and an optional description for the category.

Step 3 - Your First Product
This helps you to setup your first product. There are more features available for a product than shown on this page but this has all of the basics.

Step 4 - Setup Your Checkout
There are 2 essential settings in your checkout. The first is your delivery pricing (you'll notice some default delivery rates already present which you can edit). The second is your payment gateway (how you'll receive payments through your website).

Step 5 - Your Website's Design
Your account will already be loaded with a design but you can choose a new one for it, or customise your existing one here.

Step 6 - Go Live On Your Domain
When you're ready to go live on your domain name you can do so by entering your domain name here.