An introduction to extensions

Our extensions allow you to extend the functionality of your website. All of our extensions are free of charge to use.

You can view the available extensions by selecting 'apps & extensions' from the left menu and then 'available extensions'. Each extension needs to be activated on your account and requires you to make some changes to your theme's files in order for it to start working on your website.

Making changes to your theme requires you to edit your theme's files, using the page editor.

Whilst full instructions and guidance are supplied on the help guide for each extension, you may have difficulty in installing the necessary code, particularly if you don't have any experience with HTML coding.

We are happy to install extensions for you, but we will make a charge for the necessary coding work and time involved. The installation cost is displayed on the extension page within your account.

Extensions Policy

For more information about what we will, and won't, help with when you install the extension code yourself please read the Extensions Policy.