Hide prices from customers unless logged into an account

If you're using the Trade Accounts feature, you may want to prevent visitors to your website seeing product prices unless logged into a trade account.

You can also follow the instructions below to hide things like the 'add to basket' button.

In the example above you'll see that the product's price, quantity selection and add to basket and add to wishlist buttons are hidden with a 'Please login for pricing' text link.

Installing the extension

Select 'apps and extensions' from the left menu and then 'available extensions'. Find the 'hide prices unless logged in' extension and click to activate it on your account.

Once the extension is activated you'll then need to add the relevant code to your website's files (described below). Adding the code will replace product pricing on your website with login and register links. To add the relevant code you'll need to use the page editor, alternatively you can click the 'request installation' button and we'll install the code for you (a small charge will be made for the installation, which is listed on the extension page).


Wherever the code for a product price (or other elements that you want to hide) is present in your website files, you'll need to surround this wih the code shown below

    {% if global.customer.trade %}
    {% else %}
        Please <a href="/account/login?login_redirect={{ global.current_url }}">login for pricing</a>
    {% endif %}

Where ... represents the code for the elements that you want to hide unless the customer is logged in.

As shown in the example below.

Optionally you may like to include a 'click here to register' link, in which case you may want to include the code shown below.

If you do not have an account please <a href="/account/trade-application">click here to register</a>

The code for a product's price can appear in different locations in your theme's files.

home.twig - may include the code to show 'featured' products

product.twig - will include the code to show the main product page

product.twig - may include the code to show 'related' products

products.twig - will include the code to show products on a category or search results page


Once complete, you should test the feature to make sure that all of your products' prices are hidden when not logged into an account, and are displayed when logged into an account.