Product file uploads

Our product files feature allows you to specify whether, for an individual product, a customer should be able to upload a file (or files) to go with a product they purchase.

When adding/editing a product open the 'additional information' box on the page.

Enter the number of files that the customer should be able to upload in this box. In the example above we're allowing 2. Then save the product.

On your website, the customer will add the product to their basket as normal but on the product page they'll be asked to upload their files, like in the example below.

Please note: There is a maximum file size of 50MB that can be uploaded per file. If you expect to receive files near to, or exceeding, this limit we recommend using an alternative way for customers to send files to you. Please contact us for assistance.

Downloading files a customer has uploaded

On the orders page in your account click to view the details for the order.

If the customer has uploaded files then they will appear in the position shown on the example below.

Click to download the file to your computer's hard drive.


We do not scan files uploaded by customers for viruses before making them available for you to download. Any files that you download should be scanned for viruses before opening.