Customisation fields

Our customisation fields feature allows you to say whether, on an individual product, a customer should be allowed to enter text to go with that product.

For example your product may be suitable for engraving 2 lines and so on the product page the customer would be prompted to add their desired wording.

You can specify the label for the text field, in the example above this is 'Text for line 1' and 'Text for line 2'.

You can also specify what type of text entry you want (whether it's one line or multiple lines).

When adding/editing a product, open the 'customisation fields' box.

Enter the label for the field and select the field type. If you want to limit the number of characters a user can input, then enter this into the 'max length' field (else you can leave it blank).

Click '+add another' to add another field - you can add as many as you want to.

When you're finished, save the product as normal.

Any text entered by the customer will appear on the order confirmation details you (and they) receive.

Customisation fields on the product import/export system

It is possible to create new products or update existing products with customisation field data using the import/export system for products.

The following columns are available on the spreadsheet:

Customisation Field Label

In this column you should enter the field for the label (as in the example above you'd enter Engraving text).

Customisation Field Type

In this column you should enter the type of field. Either enter 1 Line Field or Text Area.

Customisation Field Max Length

In this column you should enter the maximum number of characters that the customer is allowed to enter in the field. If there is no limit, leave this blank.

If you are configuring multiple customisation fields for a product then you should enter them separated with a comma, as shown on the example below.