Reading and using your theme's notes

So that you can understand how to customise your theme, and how to make sure you're making the most of it, we provide some notes for each of our themes.

You can access the theme notes by clicking 'themes' on the left menu and then the 'theme notes' section for the theme you are editing.

The exact notes depend on the theme you have installed but usually we provide information about:

i) What colours can be customised
ii) What other styles can be customised (like a background image)
iii) Image sizes and aspect ratios for your product and category images
iv) Image sizes for your home page images

For example the below shows an example of some of the notes we provide for images.

There's a section at the bottom as well which you can use to place your own notes about the theme.

If we make any customisations for you then we may also place some notes about these here. (We'd also advise you to request any third party designer you use to place notes here about any customisations made).