Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change the number of products shown per page? How do I change the products featured on my website's home page? What is the ALT tag? What are search keywords? What does 'vat exclusive product' mean? How do I change the URL of a product? Where can I enter a GTIN, EAN or MPN for my product? Why can I still view a product that has been marked as inactive? How do I change the order my products appear in on my website? What size image should I upload for my product? How can I set a product to have free delivery? Some of my products take longer to deliver than others, how do I show this? I've chosen a 'related product' for my product but its not showing, why not? Why isn't a product showing in a category when it should be? Why isn't my product showing the compared price I've entered? I need a page on my website that shows all the products on special offer, how do I do this? I've created my variants for a product but they can't be selected on the product on the website, why not? My images look a mess, can you help? How can I get my products to show with rich snippets in Google? My product import is telling me there are errors, what does this mean? My bulk import is telling me there are warnings, is it safe to proceed with the import? How is a product's price determined? How can I place a product in more than 3 categories? How do I upload more than 5 images for my products? How do I change the order of images on a product? How to add products to basket from a text link Can I have more than 3 variation types on a product? How to create trade only products What is an HS Tariff Code?