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Product Extras Product extras allow your customers to order add-ons to the products that you have on your store. For example, if you are selling mobile phones you ma Search Keywords Add specific keywords to each product to make sure that the product appears in search results when those keywords are typed into the search bar, parti Reward Points Reward points are a great way to keep your customers ordering from your store. Specify how many reward points are earned for each product and allow cu SEO Control Take control of the titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and URLs of your products, categories, brands, website pages and blog posts on your website. Soft Add To Basket Enable a soft add to cart feature on your website allowing your users to stay on the page they are on when adding an item to their basket. Stock Alerts Set a specific stock alert level for each product and be alerted by daily email all SKUs where the stock quantity has fallen below that level. You can Stockists Create a directory of local stockists of your products (or your branch locations) searchable by your visitors using either postcode or town/city name. User Accounts Create accounts for others so they can access the management system for your website, but restrict that access only to certain sections like blogging Bulk Discounts Bulk discounts allow you to set discounted pricing for multiple purchases of the same products (or product groups). Either set a percentage discount o Brands Use this APP to add another type of categorisation to your online store using the brands/manufacturers feature. Videos If you would like to have a video library on your website install this app to be able to upload your videos. All videos must be uploaded to a video ho Customer Source Ask your customers how they heard about you and create reports to see your how successful your marketing campaigns are. Warehouse Notes Warehouse notes enable you to add notes to your products about where in your warehouse (or stock room) they are located. For your internal use only. Multi-buy Offers Mark a product as 2For1 or 3For2 and your customers get the cheapest out of the 2/3 free. The offer can be used on any pair/trio of products. Gift Vouchers Visitors to your store can purchase a gift card that they can give to anyone they like. Gift vouchers can be setup to generate a code automatically wh Google Trusted Stores Use this APP to insert the necessary code for your website to join the Google Trusted Stores Programme. Digital Downloads Use the Digital Downloads APP to sell digital products through your website and automatically deliver them. eBay Connector Integrate your website with the eBay Connector APP to list products on your website and ebay simultaneously, sync stock levels automatically and recei Abandoned Basket Use the abandoned basket APP to automatically email customers that don't complete payment on your checkout. MailChimp This APP allows you to link your website to your MailChimp account to automatically add your customers to subscribers lists you create in MailChimp. Facebook Shop Use this APP to launch an online store on your Facebook page and allow customers to browse your products from their Facebook account. Product Bundles Create product bundles to cross sell products and increase the value of each customer on your website. Transaction Fees Charge your customers a transaction fee if they use a particular payment gateway like PayPal. Basket Rules Create basket rules that enforce the purchase of a product under particular circumstances, such as a 'set up' charge for printing companies. Product XML Feed Use our feed builder to build an XML feed for the products in your website. Delivery Rate Exceptions Set delivery rates that can't be chosen when specific products are present in the customer's basket. Gross Profit Report Enter a cost price for your products, product variations, choices and extras and generate a gross profit report. Zapier How to use Zapier to connect with third party platforms.